Treatment of venous disorders

The right diagnosis and the mapping of each patient's venous system, especially where venous insufficiency is present, are the cornerstones in planning the proper treatment. It must be individualized, follow the principles of modern phlebology and conform to the latest scientific findings and recommendations.

It is common for insufficient superficial veins to have irreparably damaged vessel walls. The purpose of every treatment, apart from preservative treatment, is to eliminate the pathological venous system. The blood flow from the lower limbs passes mostly through the deep venous system. Therefore, the elimination of the insufficient superficial veins has no effect to blood circulation. On the contrary, blood circulation improves with the normalization of venous pressure. This is particularly important for the improvement of skin lesions in the advanced stages of venous insufficiency.

Every treatment should be as painless as possible for the patient. It is also particularly important that we have the best possible cosmetic result. Finally, the treatment should have lasting results.

At this point, it should be emphasized that venous disease is a progressive disease and that the application of the treatment cannot reverse its course. This means that the patient might display symptoms of new insufficient systems in the long run. The appearance of new insufficient veins is connected to the progress of the disease and it does not indicate a recurrence.

The techniques presently used in modern phlebology and at the Clinic are well-tolerated by the patients, who can immediately go back to their everyday activities.

Many of them are performed at the doctor's examination room, which is specially designed and fully equipped.

It is necessary to stress that the patient must wear elastic compression socks after every treatment. The compression level of the socks and the duration of time that the patient must wear them depend on the treatment.

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