The removal of varicose veins that are located just under the skin can be performed with the technique of mini phlebectomy.

The method is relatively painless and is done after the injection of a special anesthetic solution to the varicose veins. The injection of anesthesia is usually done through the use of a special pump. Thus, the anesthetic spreads uniformly under the skin in a very short amount of time.

The removal of varicose veins is performed through very small lesions, which are less than one millimeter in length. The lesions are so small that stitches are not necessary for their closure. The cosmetic result is excellent, and the resulting scars will be almost indistinguishable a few months after the operation.

The technique is applied either individually or in combination with saphenectomy or endovenous laser treatment. In the first case, it can be performed at the Clinic, but it is generally performed in a surgical environment. Mobilization is immediate and physical exercise is recommended for a few days after surgery.

The patient has to wear elastic compression stockings for two weeks after the operation of phlebectomy.

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