σκληροθεραπείαSclerotherapy (microsclerotherapy) is the injection of a solution to insufficient venous branches. The drug creates lesions to the inner lining covering the lumen of the vein and thus closes the lumen. It is specially recommended for the treatment of spider veins.

The injection is done with very thin needles and it is painless. It should be performed on all the dilated veins that are visible on the skin and the veins that feed them. These are larger in diameter, located deeper under the skin and are usually not visible.

More than one session is required for best cosmetic results. The number of sessions required varies from patient to patient, though usually, they are between two and four. Approximately two to three weeks must elapse before each session.

Sclerotherapy is performed exclusively at the Clinic using the most recommended drugs which, according to research, have the best results. It is particularly well tolerated by the patient, who may return to their everyday activities right after the treatment.

According to research, the final cosmetic result of sclerotherapy is related to the use of elastic stockings after the treatment. We encourage all of our patients to wear elastic stockings for five to ten days after each sclerotherapy session.

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