Thermocoagulation is a method which was developed during the last decade and it is mainly used for the treatment of spider veins.

The procedure's operating principle is based on the production of high frequency waves (4 ΜΗz) and their transmission through a very thin needle between 75 to 150 millimeters in diameter. These waves transfer pulsing thermal energy to the vein with great accuracy.  In this way, the vein shrinks, while the surrounding tissues remain unaffected. The punctures are made 1 to 2 millimeters apart.  After the end of the treatment, the vein has completely faded and some form of skin reaction, which is more severe around the puncture marks and lasts up to one or two weeks, develops in its place.

It is a painless method and well-tolerated by the patient. The treatment is very quick and typically only 15 to 20 minutes are required to cover veins that combined have the total length of a meter.

Thermocoagulation can be applied individually or in combination with sclerotherapy to spider veins very small in diameter, with excellent results.

The method's results, unlike the application of transdermal laser, are not affected by the patient's skin type. It can be applied to every part of the body, including the face.

If it is applied individually, and not combined with sclerotherapy, it is not required to wear compression socks after the treatment.

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